Silver Lakes Real Estate

Silver Lakes - Upper Lake Channel

Silver Lakes - Upper Lake Channel

In Silver Lakes you are bound to find a great property and a great home, taking advantage of the fantastic community and surrounding area. When you move to Silver Lakes you’ll find that your house quickly becomes a home, and every member of the family will have something to look forward to.

One of the best features of Silver Lakes Real Estate is the beautiful scenery. You’ll find fantastic views and vistas with lakes, beaches and more. It’s a very serene setting, and it’s completely clean and maintained, ensuring that the beauty will remain indefinitely instead of becoming tarnished as so many other areas have.

Another highlight of Silver Lakes is all of the activities that you will have access to. For starters, there’s a wonderful 27-hole golf course. Additionally, there are tennis courts, equestrian activities fitness centers and more. Regardless of how you like to spend your time outdoors or what kinds of activities you enjoy participating in, you’ll be able to find great activities in Silver Lakes. With access to the lake, many families in the community enjoy boating and sailing. Others simply prefer to go on long jogs or bike rides, and there are innumerable fitness activities you can participate in.

Of course schools have to be of concern for anybody with a family, and Silver Lakes has both elementary and middle schools within walking distance. The school system is extremely high quality, and neighborhood playgrounds and parks add to the family-friendly environment.

This is truly an ideal neighborhood, where both crime and pollution are low. There are shops and stores nearby, you’re away from the crazy traffic of other areas and best of all the costs are lower than what you’ll find in the cities. For all of these reasons, Silver Lakes is a highly sought after community, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better combination of all of these different factors.

There are many fantastic houses for sale in the Silver Lakes area right now with prices ranging from below $100,000 to sumputuous higher end homes that accommodate your discerning tastes. Many of the lower priced homes are extremely affordable one story houses. These make for great starter homes and are ideal locations when you’re looking to relocate into an affordable area.

Silver Lakes - Golf Course Club House & Restaurant

Silver Lakes - Golf Course Club House & Restaurant

At the higher end are many two story homes, with some of the houses in the area famous for their architectural designs. If you are looking for all the amenities, Silver Lakes offers gourmet kitchens, open water views and gorgeous lots with mountain views. Modern combinations of classic southwestern and Californian exterior decoration, with beautiful tile roofs are available.

Finding a great neighborhood for yourself, your family and your new home is always a challenge. With the Silver Lakes community you get the best of all worlds. You receive easy access to wonderful activities, amenities and services. You can enjoy wonderful, pristine surroundings and views. Best of all, you can get it all for an affordable price, that brings you into a safe, diverse and welcoming neighborhood.

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